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Complete multi protocol RFID solutions

Sato Europe claims to have introduced the first, complete multi protocol EPC compliant RFID solutions service for customer pilots and beta tests. The company now delivers complete EPC compliant RFID solutions including pre-planning consultation, on-site survey, pilot planning and implementation, and post pilot consultation and customer service.

The solutions include the new CL408e and CL412e UHF RFID printers, utilizing multi protocol RFID read/write technology, which supports EPC Class 1, ISO18000, and EM Marin protocols. The CL408e and CL412e RFID printers use an open architecture which can be easily upgraded as new standards and protocols are established for new generations of RFID tags, such as EPC Class 1 Generation 2. Utilizing multi frequency technology compliant with FCC (902-928 MHz), ETSI – Europe (868 MHz), Sato says its CL408e and CL412e RFID printers are designed to ensure compatibility today, and as new RFID tags and protocols evolve tomorrow.

The company also supports the Uniform Code Council’s Electronic Product Code initiatives and the recent Metro and Wal-Mart mandate, which requires their Top 100 suppliers to embed RFID tags at the case and pallet level by 2005.

Sato has also established an alliance with SAMSys Technologies, who will manufacture RFID readers for its RFID printers. This will provide users with a convenient way to produce RFID labels and tags for applications such as anti theft, asset tracking, supply chain logistics, baggage tags, and factory automation.



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