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Coating gives labels high durability

A label coating that endures high heat and chemicals in harsh environments was demonstrated by the Dunmore Corp at Labelexpo Americas 2012. The new coating on polyimide film is said to resist yellowing in heat up to 300ÂșC. It also resists breaking down while submerged in petroleum – oil, gasoline, and transmission fluid for four hours, making it ideal for labelling auto and aircraft parts, and circuit boards.

High durability labelling is in growing demand with the advent of non-lead solder that requires hotter solder baths to melt. Previous coatings yellowed in high temperature baths, resulting in loss of contrast between the background and the printing affected the accuracy of barcode labels on circuit boards for personal electronic devices such as smart phones and tablets.

Dunmore sales director Dan Sullivan comments: “With our new coating, manufacturers get the benefits of using non-lead solder without sacrificing the clear, accurate labeling their customers expect.”

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