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Clondalkin Kirchberg develops aluminium-free butterwrap

Clondalkin Kirchberg develops aluminium-free butterwrap

7 May 2015

Clondalkin Kirchberg develops aluminium-free butterwrap

Clondalkin Kirchberg has developed an aluminum free butterfoil offering a more sustainable option to the dairy sector.

The Switzerland based subsidiary of Clondalkin Group has a strong reputation in introducing alternative materials for Aluminum and has launched a PE based foil for butter packaging.

Flow packs for butter are traditionally wrapped in aluminum or aluminum based laminates. So far these structures have provided the best dead-fold, which is required for application on filling lines.

Clondalkin Kirchberg’s investment in research and development has resulted in a film-based alternative, which also provides these characteristics with improved sustainability on top of that.

Sander Kool, Commercial Director of Clondalkin Kirchberg, said: "The environmental impact of packaging is at the forefront of the leading brands decision making processes".

"Our customers are constantly seeking more environmental friendly solutions as a result of consumer demand. These requirements mean that we must look at reducing the carbon footprint of our product range, down gauge materials, reduce waste, consider the ease of recyclability and introduce alternative materials. This is now central to our business operation and the products that we develop."

Clondalkin Kirchberg was a pioneer in the development of PET lidding solutions; a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional aluminum lids. This latest development for butter packaging is another step in offering alternatives to aluminum structures.
PET offers a less carbon intensive alternative through the lower levels of energy required in the manufacturing process and also requires much less energy to recycle into a re-usable material.

Sander Kool continues; "Sustainability is one of the key drivers of our corporate social responsibility policy. We put continuous effort in finding alternative resources and reducing carbon footprint. Following on from PET lidding this is another example where we have achieved another step towards improved sustainability for our customers."

The newly developed butterfoil can be printed up to 10 colors, provides excellent dead fold which guarantees run ability on filling lines.