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CLIP designs Seassentials Crab meat packaging

CLIP designs Seassentials Crab meat packaging

Press Release September 2014

CLIP designs Seassentials Crab meat packaging

CLIP a London and Nottingham based creative agency have unveiled their newly designed packaging for Seassentials a value brand belonging to America’s largest crab meat company Blue Star Foods. Headquartered in Miami, Florida Blue Star Foods is an international company that produces crab meat in production facilities all over the world.

After designing the Blue Star Foods premium brand, CEO John Keeler commissioned CLIP to create a brand image for their value range. The project required the creation of a brand name, logo, and packaging design involving a can, inner box, outer box and functional stickers. CLIP used their three stage branding and packaging process which they have developed over the past fifteen years to ensure they provided the best possible design solution.

CLIP’s thorough branding process was based on current market conditions, consumer demands and creating a performance brand. The final name ‘Seassentials’ was chosen as it combined both the product theme and the ‘essential value’ aspect. Some aspects of the brand were predefined by the client such as the colours therefore the designers had to take these limitations into consideration throughout the process.

"The fact that this is a new product further emphasised its need to be a performance brand. Gaining retail listings wasn’t going to be enough, we had to create a visual brand with enough impact to engage with consumers and condense the traditional purchase funnel process." Anish Mistry Creative Director at CLIP explained. "All the design decisions from colour palettes through to typography had to reflect the core brand values. Creating a value brand was very challenging but Blue Star Foods were very happy with the final outcome and have commissioned further design, branding and packaging work."

Blue Star Foods CEO John Keeler commented "I have worked with CLIP on a number of projects and they always provide quality, faultless design and they are incredibly easy to work with. We were very impressed with the level of creativity and innovative design for the Seassentials range. They are very knowledgeable when it comes to the food industry and I am looking forward to working with them on some exciting new projects shortly."

About CLIP

CLIP’s in-house departments include branding, design, PR and marketing. CLIP specialise in brand image performance and influence. Working with national and international clients and helping them to generate brand awareness and sales in the UK and Europe.

CLIP is based in London and Nottingham and they provide a range of services from branding, design, public relations, social media and business growth.

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