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Clever closure stands up for convenience

RPC Containers Halstead has developed a new cap for headstand sauce bottles which it says offers enhanced consumer convenience and environmental benefits.

Instead of a valve made of another material – usually silicon – to control product flow, the RPC design features specially developed spout technology. This enables a smaller opening to be used, which reportedly improves dispense, and creates a “suckback” action that pulls the product back into the bottle to ensure a clean orifice after each use. The system also provides a single material cap.

The directional dispensing spout helps ensure more accurate, controlled dispense, while a plug-in seal in the base of the cap’s flip-open section fits into the spout on the closure to enable bottle storage upside down with no leakage.

The cap is injection-moulded in PP, with the dispensing spout available in two sizes – optimised for ketchups and sauces, and for mayonnaise and salad creams. Other sizes will be available for relish-type products.

Contact details

RPC Containers Halstead
T: +44 (0)1787 473224

RPC says the launch of the new closure coincides with plans for its Corby plant to extend its range of headstand sauce/ketchup bottles halstead_new_caps