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Clear view for crystal-clear advantages: Südpack at FachPack 2015

Clear view for crystal-clear advantages: Südpack at FachPack 2015

Clear view for crystal-clear advantages: Südpack at FachPack 2015

With new, attractive solutions broadening its print portfolio and range of films, Südpack Verpackungen GmbH & Co. KG will be presenting its latest innovations at Stand 240 in Hall 7 at this year’s FachPack in Nuremberg. A new digital printing process will enable Südpack customers to quickly personalize their packaging with optimum printing quality and short delivery times. Two new top films for trays guarantee a compelling presentation at the point of sale (POS): Südpack’s newly developed Safe Peel Clear AF with improved anti-fog performance and the extremely durable CanLid Peel with outstanding white coverage. The new Veraplex generation of films provides maximum product protection with minimal film thickness.

"From visions to reality" is the Südpack motto at this year’s FachPack trade show. Many of the innovations that Südpack will be showcasing in Nuremberg from 29 September to 1 October are indeed the results of several years of development: "The solutions we will be presenting in Nuremberg enable our customers to tailor their product presentation to individual requirements. The look and feel of a product is often the decisive factor at the point of sale. Our wide range of print and film technologies allows our customers to transform even their most visionary packaging ideas into reality," says Südpack Managing Partner Johannes Remmele.

Digital printing process opens new market opportunities
Südpack will present a new addition to its range of printing processes. Besides the established rotogravure and flexographic printing methods, a digital printing process is now also available. The technology boasts clear color gradients, brilliant colors and razor-sharp outlines. Even small batch quantities can be printed efficiently, opening up new market opportunities. Remmele describes the benefits of the technology: "Our new digital printing process and the ability to print small batches fast and efficiently open up a whole new world of product presentation options for our customers. Companies can now test new sales concepts or launch products on small test markets. Special promotions, seasonal themes or even packaging with personal messages are now possible."

Südpack will be printing films with a thickness of up to 250 µm on the HP Indigo 20000 digital press. A variety of film surfaces can be printed with texts, images or barcodes up to an image size of 736 x 1,100 mm. Simple changeovers of print layouts requiring minimum preparation and lean production processes mean that Südpack can also produce packaging in small-batch quantities. The films are printed with special inks that have been tested by independent institutes and are 100% food-safe.

Top films for trays boast outstanding design and product safety
Safe Peel Clear AF top film for trays will be another innovation presented by Südpack at this year’s FachPack exhibition. Its improved anti-fog technology prevents mist from forming on the inside of the cover film to ensure a clear view of the product. "Consumers have high quality standards at the fresh food counter, especially when it comes to meat and fish. They want to see exactly what they are buying," Remmele explains. "Foggy top films are often interpreted as a sign that a product is no longer fresh. The new Safe Peel enables food manufacturers to stand out at the POS because customers can see the product more clearly."

Safe Peel Clear AF is thin yet stiff. It withstands high mechanical loads and is suited for fully automated processing. The high barrier film lies flat on the sealed PP tray and is easy to open. An improved peel system with a PP sealing layer guarantees a perfect seal, even if there are product residues on the edges of the tray. The film can be used with all standard tray sealers and seamlessly integrates into existing production lines. Safe Peel Clear AF can be processed at high throughput rates of up to 13.5 units per minute, while significantly reducing the amount of packaging material required.

CanLid Peel is another top film for trays developed by Südpack. Its outstanding barrier properties and white top film protecting the product from light guarantee maximum product safety. The film may also be pasteurized for added protection. This extends product shelf life by preventing bacteria formation. Thanks to its easy opening properties, the peel foil also impresses end consumers.

Slim Veraplex film promotes sustainability

Veraplex is an extremely thin film with maximum product protection. Its outstanding puncture and tear resistance (upon opening) combined with a high oxygen/aroma barrier make it suitable for a wide range of applications. Veraplex is ideal for products with high mechanical requirements and can be used as bulk packaging in B2B markets and as packaging for end consumers. Owing to its outstanding mechanical properties, Veraplex can be processed on all standard machines at the same packing rate. The film’s thinness leads to individual rolls holding more material, ensuring longer runtimes with fewer roll changes.