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Clear the way to tackle tampering

Sharp Tear is a new anti-counterfeiting technology from Avery Dennison that enables existing serial numbers to be read directly through the label, providing an extra layer of product security for pharmaceutical brands. The thin and clear co-extruded film is designed for tamper-evident applications, where an easy tear is required in the label. It reveals tampering immediately by providing a seal that remains intact during normal handling, but which tears easily in one direction if attempts are made to open the package.

“Counterfeiting has become a very significant threat to all pharma brands,” says Hans Eichenwald, senior product manager Specialty Segments at Avery Dennison Materials Group. “Today, around 10% of drugs sold are already counterfeit according to the World Health Organization. Sharp Tear offers a rapid and reliable way to secure both product safety and brand reputation without impacting productivity or product margins.”

Both exceptionally high clarity and very high opacity versions of Sharp Tear are available. It can either mask unwanted packaging information or allow important product details to be visible through the label. The label material is also said to deliver high mandrel performance with long term adhesion, and it comes with the regulatory compliance needed in pharma applications.

Improved productivity is another benefit claimed: a BG40 release liner allows conversion with conventional tooled dies, and the high adhesive coatweight is said to guarantee a true tamper-evident feature.

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