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Clariant introduces EQius brand for humidity-control packaging solutions

Clariant, along with its healthcare packaging business unit, has introduced a new EQius brand, which accommodates products and technology related to equilibrium relative humidity (ERH) stabilization.

EQius brand includes the company’s currently marketing products such as EQ-Pak packets, EQ-Can canisters, EQ-Stopper closures and EQ-Bag bags.

The company has announced the launch of new brand for humidity-control packaging solutions at this year’s Pharmapack Europe event in Paris, France.

EQius brand products are developed by using specially engineered sorbents that serves as humectants (desorbers) and desiccants (adsorbers) simultaneously, helping to maintain a specific equilibrium relative humidity inside product packaging.

The standard equilibrium-stabilizer products hold capacity to maintain ERH levels of 10%, 20%, or 30% to help protect finished drug products in bottles or tubes.

They will also help to protect bulk ingredients such as powders or capsules in boxes or bags before, during or after tableting or filling operations.

Clariant healthcare packaging business development manager Dr Elisa Le Floch said: "When Clariant first introduced the 'EQ' concept, we offered only two forms – packets and canisters.

"Since then, we have doubled the size of our portfolio of humidity-control packaging solutions and now make them available all over the world."

“Specific drug properties may require that a specific range of humidity be maintain throughout the shelf life of a drug product or ingredient."

Clariant has also exhibited its Tri Sorb molecular sieve desiccant tablets at the Pharmapack Europe event.

The company has designed Tri Sorb molecular sieve desiccant tablets for USP moisture permeability testing.

The new tablets were developed for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packagers who carry out moisture-permeation testing of unit-dose blister packaging as prescribed in USP.