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Claranor to exhibit packaging sterilization solutions at Drinktec 2017

Claranor will exhibit its chemical free packaging sterilization solutions at this year’s Drinktec event in Germany.

At the event, which will take place from 11 to 15 September in Munich, the company will exhibit Puls’Full Cap sterilization product for the sensitive filling line.

Designed to address the cross-contamination issue, the cap sterilization solution is said to be decontaminated inside and outside and adapted for ESL more than 60 days.

Claranor Essential is a cap decontamination equipment, which has been developed for the low and medium speed lines.

The firm’s pulsed light equipment can be easily incorporated onto existing lines.

Claranor’s new Puls’Combi PET can be used for the sterilization of both the preform neck as well as the preform body.

The new PET solution can be used to sterilize products with lower CO2 protection less preservatives and more nutrients that are to be filled on existing lines.  

The new dry, on-line and without chemicals solution for the packaging sterilization is said to provide an enhanced level of hygiene between the filling and packing.

Pulsed light is a clean technology that will enable microbiological decontamination of packaging without chemicals, helping to avoid any residue in the cap or the bottle.

Designed to be incorporated on existing lines, the new economical solution can be easily used without water and limited energy consumption.

Claranor's Pulsed light solutions, including cap, preform, cup and lid sterilizers, have been installed over 250 production lines across the globe.