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Chef’sChoice brand launches in new look

The Chef’sChoice brand is updating its image with a bold new logo and contemporary, consumer-centric packaging design.

Since 1985, Chef’sChoice has been on the sharper side of sharp and a leader in knife sharpeners and the small electrics category. The new look is a modern evolution of a premiere and well-established brand.

The logo incorporates the brand’s well-known orange and red colors and commemorates its legacy in knife sharpening by depicting a sharp slice going through the letters. Bold and fluid, it embraces our history while conveying market leadership and a brand in forward motion.

The Legacy Companies vice president Meagan Bradley said “We love the heritage of Chef’sChoice and it’s something we wanted to keep. We just modernized it to appeal to our existing consumer and a new generation.”

Bradley commented further that the simple wordmark looks better on screens; crisp at small sizes particularly when it appears just a few pixels high on a phone screen and just as crisp at large sizes.

The simplified packaging architecture with distinct segmentation creates a more decisive shopper experience. “The new packaging reflects the brand’s continued commitment to quality, advanced-engineered product solutions and innovative technology. It’s fresh, and more customer focused.” says Val Gleason, Director of Marketing.

The new logo launches March 10, 2018 and the new packaging will appear in national retail channels that carry the Chef’sChoice brand starting Fall 2018.

The Legacy Companies, a privately owned company with a strong track record of acquiring and growing companies, is a leading food service and consumer products company that designs, manufactures and markets, nationally and internationally, a diverse portfolio of products under world-class brands such as Back To Basics, Bevles, Blakeslee, ChefsChoice, Excalibur, General, Greenfield WorldTrade, Joseph Heinrichs®, Kold-Draft, Maxximum®, Nautilus, Omega®, Vinturi®, West Bend Yonanas and Zeroll.