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UV Process Supply has introduced, the TFC-9000 Thin Film Calorimeter, which allows the end user to test inks, coatings and adhesives to ensure they are curing as required and consistently, batch-to-batch.

The TFC-9000 rapidly measures the exothermic heat reaction from a polymerizing sample through a highly sensitive sensor. This information is processed, and useful data is displayed through an easy to use LCD interface. This data can be downloaded to a computer and saved in an Excel file. The test is said to take just seconds, while clean-up is fast and easy.

Says UV Process Supply: “You need a radiometer to ensure the performance and curing effectiveness of your UV lamps. So, how do you ensure the performance and curing effectiveness of your inks, coatings and adhesives?

“Until now, it was mostly guesswork. If you had curing problems and had ruled out your UV lamps as the culprit, your next target was most likely your chemistry. But there really was no cost effective and accurate way for you to quantitatively prove or disprove your hunch. That is no longer the case.”

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