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Chapelton announces Kwidzyn X-Press success

Chapelton announces Kwidzyn X-Press success

11 May 2015

Chapelton announces Kwidzyn X-Press success

Kent-based speciality paper and cartonboard supplier, Chapelton has announced that it is receiving an excellent take-up and feedback from customers in response to the Kwidzyn X-Press service flexible sheeting service offering from International Paper.

Kwidzyn X-Press is available to Chapelton’s customers for International Paper’s new GC2 lightweight coated board product, Alaska Plus, and also its Arktika GC1 grade, both of which Chapelton are stocking and distributing into the UK and Irish print and packaging sectors.

Chapelton were confirmed as a distribution partner with International Paper for Alaska Plus in September last year, a move which followed International Paper’s $60m modernisation project at its Kwidzyn mill in Poland, where both the Alaska Plus GC2 coated board and Arktika GC1 grades are produced.

Kwidzyn X-Press is International Paper’s flexible sheeting service, which was one of the developments to come about from the investment and modernisation project at the Kwidzyn mill, which included the installation of two new sheeters to provide a more flexible service level for International Paper’s customers.

The Kwidzyn X-Press service was designed to meet ever shortening lead times, and includes both International Paper’s Alaska Plus and Arktika products. The service allows for the production of smaller order volumes, starting from just one tonne in bespoke sizes. In addition there is a guaranteed turnaround time of just four days, plus transportation time. Kwidzyn X-Press provides a flexible bespoke sheet size ordering service, which in turn can also allow end-users to strengthen their environmental communication by helping to reduce their waste by up to 40%.

Commenting on the success of the Kwidzyn X-Press service, Chapelton Business Development Director, Neil Skelton, stated, "Kwidzyn X-Press is a very valuable service for Chapelton, as it allows us to offer orders with a short delivery time and smaller quantities."

Neil added, "The service enables our customers to make a saving as they can buy a bespoke sheet size rather than an off the shelf standard size, that could prove wasteful."

Launched in July last year, Alaska Plus is a multiply virgin fibre coated board, with a double coating on the top side and an uncoated manila back-side, and is the new lightweight version of International Paper’s Alaska GC2 coated board product, which has been developed following extensive research and development to produce a lighter basis weight product.

Alaska Plus is available in basis weights of 190gsm, 205gsm, 220gsm, 235gsm, 255gsm, 270gsm, 280gsm, 305gsm and 330gsm.
Together with its improved performance, Alaska Plus provides both cost saving and environmental benefits, with the weight of the packaging being reduced for whatever packaging product is being produced. This enables end users to save money by either; paying less for the same amount of folding boxes as less material will be used, which will also weigh less and cost less, or, producing more for the same cost, allowing more folding boxes to be produced for the same total cost and weight of the material.

With a lower material weight, savings are also made on waste disposal costs. Alaska Plus uses fewer resources in production, makes packaging lighter to transport and reduces waste, thereby decreasing the environmental impact of the product throughout its entire production life cycle, making Alaska Plus the perfect sustainable choice, with its great environmental attributes. Alaska Plus is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, with the Kwidzyn mill being FSC Chain of Custody certified.

Renowned for high quality products, innovative materials and outstanding customer service, Chapelton are a leading independent paper and board supplier, dealing with many of the major global paper and board manufacturers, and supplying a range of high quality, paper and board products for a wide range of varying applications to its customers and end users.

Arktika is a GC1 Coated Board, with double coating on the top side and an uncoated manila back side. Arktika has wide range of end-use segments, including; media packaging, greeting and post cards, paperback book cover, calendars, cosmetics and perfume packaging, pharmaceutical packaging and luxury confectionery packaging. Arktika is available in a wide range of weights, from 200gsm up to 350gsm, ensuring it’s suitability for a wide range of print applications.

Arktika also has a high gloss level to enable the graphics to stand out on any print job, coupled with a high brightness value which allows for outstanding contrast and sharpness of the printed matter.