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Cartonéo chooses Esko solutions for continuous small series POS production

Cartonéo has invested in Esko production workflow automation and a Kongsberg C66, Esko’s largest robotic cutting table.

This establishes the Cartonéo group as the first in the world to have this robust portfolio of solutions and equipment.

Cartonéo is a French company based in the Jura Mountains that specializes in the manufacture of point of sale (POS) and point of information (POI) materials from flat and corrugated cardboard. I

ts customers come from sectors such as the food, automobile, cosmetics, wine and spirits and pharmaceutical industries.

The reason for this investment is simple: the market trend is for brands to differentiate themselves through customisation by producing small quantities of unique POS materials for special events and to customize materials by location.

Cartonéo’s customers were also asking for POS materials made from thick cardboard or plastic, and there was no way the company was going to pass up this exciting new market opportunity. To respond to the new requirements, Cartonéo invested in an HP Scitex 11000 wide format printer.

 To increase customer loyalty and bring in new customers, Cartonéo had to ensure these new POS products could be manufactured within extremely tight deadlines and in small quantities. The only cutting table it could use to meet these challenges was the Kongsberg C66 from Esko.

As a result of these decisions, the company now has a completely robotic production chain for the digital printing and cutting of small series POS materials. Even though the company is one hundred years old and based in a rural area, it is at the cutting edge of POS technology and now has a set-up that is unique in the world!

It has come a long way, this small company from the Jura Mountains. The great grandmother of Edmond Perrier, the current Cartonéo Chairman, founded the company in 1897 in Saint-Claude, the pipe capital of the world. In its turn, the next generation wrapped wooden toys, another speciality of the region.

At that time, Cartonéo employed about 50 people, and everything was done by hand. Perrier’s father ultimately moved into corrugated cardboard in the 1950s. Perrier has led the company since 1991. It was his decision to equip the workshop to include offset printing and lamination. Today, the Cartonéo group has three locations and employs about 130 people.

 “To grow our market share in POS materials, we needed to increase speed and flexibility in small series production,” explains Edmond Perrier.

“With the Kongsberg C66, we are now able to make a new product within a very short time and respond quickly to our customers’ supply requirements. In addition, the fact that the C66 is fully programmable means that we can work continuously. An additional benefit for our customers is that they avoid the tooling costs associated with conventional production techniques.”

To optimise production even more, the Kongsberg C66 is configured for multi-area production. While one area of the table is in action, the robot is managing the other area by taking out the finished part and loading a new sheet. Work switches between areas automatically.

Another benefit is the i-cut production console (iPC) connected to the device manager for remotely monitoring production progress. Operators can prepare one job while producing another, which increases efficiency even further. The i-cut production console can also be used to estimate cutting time according to the characteristics of the job; this enables more efficient planning.

“Production workflow automation, together with the Kongsberg C66, has increased our productivity considerably because we can produce continuously and create a workflow that’s really industrial. Working time that was previously spent on numerous manual operations has been transferred to tasks with high added value,” adds Laurent Gangloff, Cartonéo Industrial Director.

Frank Adegeest, Esko R & D director, recalls, “The first discussions started in late 2015, when Cartonéo wanted to acquire a large format cutting machine to work with the HP Scitex 11000. Requirements included maximum automation and continuous production. We had a plan in mind, but the necessary product wasn’t on the market yet and would not be available for another 6 months, at drupa 2016.

“After various discussions and the signing of a confidentiality agreement, Cartonéo committed to buying a solution that was still only in the design phase. So Cartonéo became Esko’s alpha site, and then beta site. Clinchtech, a software development company specialising in automation, and the team that installed the HP Scitex 11000 press were also involved.” Twelve months later, in March 2017, the final version of the Esko Kongsberg C66 table was installed at Cartonéo.

Cartonéo is a French group specialising in the design, printing and manufacture of packaging and POS materials. A family-owned company founded in 1897, it has three sites employing 140 people with its head office at Vaux-lès-Saint-Claude.

Cartonéo’s target market includes all areas of business: Food processing, automotive, health and well-being, DIY / gardening, cosmetics, champagne and spirits, printing, household equipment, mass market consumer goods, clothing, general industrial, games and multimedia, fashion, personal hygiene, pharmaceuticals, Wines.