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Carmel Frenkel invests in EFI Nozomi corrugated packaging press

Israel-based Carmel Frenkel, a subsidiary of Hadera Paper, has invested in EFI Nozomi C18000 single-pass and ultra-high-speed LED inkjet corrugated packaging press to expand its production operations.

Carmel Frenkel is said to be one of the first firms across the world to install complete EFI ecosystem for corrugated production with the Nozomi press.

The ecosystem includes the EFI Fiery NZ-1000 digital front end (DFE) and EFI corrugated packaging suite manufacturing execution system (MES) business and production management workflow, as well as EFI Escada corrugator control software.

Carmel Frenkel is also the first firm to install EFI Nozomi press in the Middle East, which will help the company to deliver efficient digital high-end corrugated production solutions to its customers.

Carmel Frenkel CEO Guy Frenkel said: “We have invested considerable time and effort in evaluating the most-advanced digital corrugated technologies and, with this press, we know EFI is delivering an innovative technology that will be able to handle a variety of print jobs with faster throughput and high output quality.”

Slated to be installed in the fourth quarter of this year, the Nozomi press is an ultra-high-speed production system that delivers quality output.

The system is provided with an advanced single-pass and piezo grayscale inkjet writing system, which delivers accurate and high-fidelity color. It also supports consistent reproduction on solid areas.

Nozomi press offers operating speeds up to 246 linear feet (75 linear meters) per minute or 10,000 35x35in boards per hour two-up.

Camel Frenkel provides advanced solutions for the corrugated market, as well as display and shelf stands.

The company provides solutions and products ranging from design to printing to delivery at the customer’s site.

The 71in (1.8m) wide LED Nozomi press features an the advanced EFI Fiery NZ-1000 DFE print server and production system that helps to deliver better color quality and advanced production tools for enhanced job management.

Electronics for Imaging industrial printing general manager and vice president José Luis Ramón Moreno said: “It is clear that the corrugated packaging market is evolving at a rapid pace and having the complete EFI ecosystem will definitely give Carmel Frenkel an innovative edge to continue to stay ahead of the market by delivering greater value to its clients.”


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