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C & T’s bespoke rubbers solve Laserline Dies cracking issues

C & T’s bespoke rubbers solve Laserline Dies cracking issues

Jan 13 2015

C & T’s bespoke rubbers solve Laserline Dies cracking issues

C&T Matrix first started making ejector profile around 40 years ago. However, in more recent years they have seen how innovations in box designs and consumer demand, have added extra challenges for the die maker and box maker.

C&T has the engineering ability in-house to produce prototype profiles within one week for customer specific requests. This capability, combined with the complexity and improved quality of print, is the reason why over 60% of C&T’s range now consists of ‘customer led’ bespoke rubbers, designed specifically to meet individual needs and requirements.

One recent example of such a development was for LASERLINE DIES Ltd based in Chelmsford. Laserline is a leading UK supplier of steel rule cutting dies and ancillary products, manufacturing for and servicing the Folding Carton and Corrugated Packaging and Greetings Card industries. They provide companies with the latest "Press Ready" die-cutting solutions.

Laserline was encountering the common problem of bursting or splitting creases and liner break up during production. After consultations with C&T, a tailored ‘new generation’ rubber was tested, manufactured and produced that gives a cleaner cut and crease.

Eric Walmsley, Technical Director at Laserline said "C&T was able to identify what we required and engineer this for us. During cutting and creasing the wedged shape, high density profiled rubber traps the material at the tip of the cutting blade, supporting and ensuring minimal movement during the cutting process. A small amount of edge deformation is experienced but at acceptable levels not to distract from the overall aesthetics or affect the performance of the corrugated packaging.This new ‘Profile Rubber" is now fitted as part of the tooling manufacture to the majority of Laserlines’ cutting dies, giving an improved cleaner cut".

Simon Shenton, C&T Managing Director commented "C&T can generally satisfy any realistic requirement, as we have the facility to make our own dies. We have extensive and unique industry knowledge which enables us to identify and solve problems quickly and efficiently for our customers. We are making customer specific rubbers here in Northamptonshire for clients around the world, and over 60% of our production is for customer led profiles".

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