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Budelpack Poortvliet BV takes 2nd X-ray detection system into operation

Budelpack Poortvliet BV takes 2nd X-ray detection system into operation

June 2014 – product release

Extra accurate X-ray detection increases food safety.

In July 2014, Budelpack Poortvliet BV will take its second X-ray machine into operation. The company has well
over 40 traditional metal detection systems that search for stainless steel, ferrous and non-ferrous metal
particles. The X-ray detection system based on X-ray technology is the most accurate and extensive. It can detect
smaller particles and foreign bodies other than metal such as glass, wood, rock and various types of plastic.
Budelpack purchased its first X-ray system in 2010. Specific client demands and our desire for optimum product
quality and safety guarantees led to the purchase of a second system.

Metalised packaging and low temperatures
Traditional metal detection is unsuitable for the inspection of very low temperature foods as the cold hampers
precision. The same applies to food in aluminium or metalised packagings; metal detectors can’t ‘see’ the
difference between the packaging and the contaminant. Wilco Krijnsen, HSEQ Manager: "X-ray detection offers
optimum accuracy and certainty for every packing project. Its accuracy does not suffer due to packaging materials
or low temperatures."

Fully checked, safe foods
Packing lines for food are speeding up and consumers demand higher quality. This increases demand for fast,
reliable inspection methods and inspected, food safe products. Wilco Krijnsen, HSEQ Manager: "Wear and tear,
maintenance or broken parts can cause miniscule foreign bodies to end up in the food. Depending on the product,
the packaging, client preferences and risk analysis we utilise metal or X-ray detection to prevent contaminated
products reaching retailers."


As one of Western Europe’s largest co-packers, Budelpack annually packs 200 million solid, liquid,
powdered and granulated food products in flexible, rigid, cardboard and innovative packagings.

Digital photo available on request.
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