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Breathable induction seal

Selig Europe believes it may have achieved a world first by developing a high performance induction seal with a breathable membrane that allows the contents of lightweight packaging, such as olives in PET bottles, to “breathe out”.

While many products “change” during transportation and storage, Selig says that, with items packaged in rigid containers like glass jars, their characteristics are not generally detrimentally affected. However with lightweight materials like PET, Selig says foods tend to deform as they ferment, resulting in an unappealing-looking bulging seal or bloated container.

To address this Selig has spent two years perfecting a breathable induction seal which combines foil, foam and a Gore-Tex vent.

The first user of the multi-layer laminate seal, which reportedly offers excellent barrier properties, is New Jersey-based Ron-Son – using it to ship olives.