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Bpi delivers degradable films option

UK based PE manufacturer bpi.films has launched a range of degradable, biodegradable and compostable films. The innovative Intreg8 range is said to provide environmentally friendly packaging options for a range of industries, performing similarly to traditional PE products, but will ultimately degrade or compost when exposed to the right light, heat and oxygen conditions.

The new range includes degradable films which fragment and break down under the influence of light and heat, as well as biodegradable and compostable films which decompose when they come into contact with microbial activity – within a specific time frame.

The company views the Integr8 range as complementary to its portfolio, to provide a packaging choice in the marketplace.

Commercial director at bpi.films Mark Vernon comments: “Businesses are increasingly under pressure to operate in an eco conscious manner and we want to provide options for them to do so when it comes to the necessity of packaging. For customers whose applications require traditional PE film we have worked to develop downgauged products which offer the same high performance but which use less film by weight, meaning there is less film to be disposed of at the end of the chain or, preferably, to be recycled.”


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