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Burton’s Foods has installed a wide band Safeline metal detector as part of a £1M overhaul of a packing line at its Wirral production plant.

The UK’s second largest biscuit manufacturer has located a 1500x75mm wide detector at the end of a line packing Digestive and Rich Tea biscuits so they can be packed into seasonal presentation tins after inspection.

Previously, biscuits were wrapped, inspected for metal and then had to be manually unwrapped for placing in tins.

The new line also has two Safeline Signature IS in-line detection units to inspect wrapped biscuits.

Safeline says the IS equipment’s ultra-high operating frequency of up to 850Khz, reportedly between three and eight times that of most metal detectors currently installed in food production plants, ensures the detectors can distinguish tiny pieces of stainless steel, swarf and other metal slithers “even in the most difficult applications”.