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Biesterfeld Plastic agrees to distribute BASF’s polystyrene products

Biesterfeld Plastic has agreed to distribute BASF’s polystyrene in Europe, North Africa and the CIS region.

Biesterfeld Plastic will distribute BASF’s polystyrene 158K and the recently commercialised polystyrene 148HQ from BASF’s Ludwigshafen plant.

Biesterfeld Plastic claims that BASF’s Polystyrene 158K can be used for variety of applications across several industries. It has heat resistance and fast solidification properties, which make it food-safe polystyrene and is especially suited for food applications such as disposable tableware and packaging.

The plastic also possesses high transparency ratio, which makes it useful as a stretch wrap film. The plastic product is claimed to have several areas of applications even in medical equipment and laboratory supplies such as in the manufacture of petri dishes, beakers and lab slides.

The second product, polystyrene 148HQ has insulating properties which make it especially suitable in the production of XPS insulation boards and impact sound insulation.

Apart from building insulation, where high and stable output is needed, this polystyrene is also useful in the manufacture of consumer goods.

BASF EMEA sales management and marketing Styrene/Polystyrene Bartholomäus Stiburski said: “We have an expert distribution partner in Biesterfeld. We’re delighted that we have now also been able to agree a strategic cooperation at international level.”

Biesterfeld Plastic managing director Martin Umbach said: “BASF has been an important partner of ours for around 20 years. These two types of polystyrene, which offer consistently high product quality thanks to the uniform manufacturing process, complement our extensive product portfolio extremely well.”