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Baruvi Fresh launches Hummustir in new packaging

Baruvi Fresh has launched Hummustir in new packaging, which is claimed to the industry's first USDA organic, non-refrigerated and preservative free hummus.

Revolutionizing the hummus category with the introduction of the industry's first USDA organic, non-refrigerated and preservative free hummus, hummustir is quickly becoming the nation's go-to healthy hummus.

The innovative packaging designed to preserve the freshness of the ingredients without the need for preservatives, is the first specially designed packaging of its kind to be used in this food category.

Synthetic preservatives like potassium sorbate are typically used to extend the shelf life of refrigerated hummus and other refrigerated foods such as canned goods, desserts and dairy products, which studies have claimed are genotoxic, potentially causing damage to genetic information, white blood cells, digestion and skin.

Hummustir includes three individual packets consisting of organic chickpea puree, organic tahini and spices, offering consumers a shelf-stable hummus of up to a year before opening and remaining fresh without the use of GMO's or any artificial additives.

"It is our philosophy that everyone should have access to real food with real ingredients," said Alon Kruvi, Hummustir's Co-Founder. "Hummustir makes it easy for people to enjoy the health benefits that come from fresh, delicious hummus without making it from scratch."

Enjoyed as a snack and as a healthy addition to any meal, hummustir is also the ideal hummus for everyone to customize. Adds Kruvi, "Many are surprised at just how smooth the hummus is given that it simply contains a blend of purely organic ingredients. This makes it easy for everyone to add their own personal flavor."

With just a stir, hummustir allows consumers to reap the rewards of the once healthy food that has since been stripped of its high levels of nutrition. Containing just 45 calories per serving, around half the average calorie content found in most refrigerated hummus products, hummustir is loaded with heart-healthy omega 3's, vitamins and minerals. 

Hummustir comes in four delicious flavors:

CLASSIC Our traditional classic flavor has the perfect balance of chickpeas, tahini and a dash of sea salt for a rich, smooth and delicious hummus that tastes great with just about anything.

VILLAGE STYLE A mouthwatering combination of garlic and cumin beautifully blended for dipping, spreading and stirring into your favorite foods.

MEDITERRANEAN STYLE A squeeze of tangy lemon gives our traditional hummus a zesty twist for a more exotic hummus experience.

BLAZIN Spice things up with a hint of habanero for an extra kick to your dip.