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Barrier boxes will protect sensitive types

A range of “barrier cartons” offering “unique protection” for sensitive products from moisture, air, light and odours “ideal” for producers of powders, salts, sugar, crystals, sweets, granules and coffee, has been launched by Boxes LPF.

Two derivatives – Lined and Peeltop – are available, both offering “distinct advantages over traditional cartons”. Lined cartons feature an integrated liner manufacturable using a range of laminates, to suit the product. Inner and outer sections can be filled and sealed in a single production run.

Peeltop cartons are laminated with a special barrier foil, then sealed during filling to create a barrier against leakage of powders, oils and other fluids. Boxes says aluminium-coated cartonboard also creates a barrier against light penetration for light-sensitive products.

Chris Hill, sales and marketing director, Clondalkin Specialist Packaging Division, says: “These cartons have been used successfully for many years within the Benelux region, but we now want to present them to a wider European audience.”

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Boxes LPF’s new one-piece construction barrier cartons offer protection against moisture, air, light and odours for products such as powders, salts, sugar and crystals Lined_Packs