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Automatic squaring capability on sheeters

Maxson offers an automatic squaring system on its stationary bed knifecutters, or as a retrofit to existing sheeting equipment, relieving the operator of making that adjustment when setting the cut-off. This ensures that accurate, repeatable positioning is maintained.

An AC servomotor, mounted on a gear head, is coupled to a fine threaded screw. The servomotor is governed by a microprocessor which mathematically calculates the squareness for the cut-off setting. The servomotor turns the screw, positioning the cutter head accordingly. Sensors set for the minimum and maximum cut-off range prevent over travel.

Squareness of within 0.508mm is maintained, the company states. A manual over-ride switch allows the operator to set the sheet squareness and, when returned to automatic mode, assigns the manual setting to memory for the given sheet length.

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