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August Faller unveils smart packaging prototype counting device

August Faller Group, a manufacturer of and solution provider of secondary pharmaceutical packaging, has unveiled smart packaging prototype counting device to make counting tablets easier.

Designed as solution for secondary packaging in the pharma/ pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, the new packaging solution is intended to help to improve compliance and make handling the medicine easier for the patients.

August Faller said that the intelligent, interactive pharmaceutical packaging, which features a small e-paper display and electronic controls (buttons), is developed to meet the needs of increased digitalization on the e-health market and the growing interest in interactive packaging solutions.

Developed in collaboration with MSC Technologies from Freiburg, Germany and Pforzheim College, the new Smart Packaging solution allows patient to confirm if he/she has taken the tablet by pressing a button on the front of the folding carton.

Upon pressing the button, the solution shows a warning on the e-paper display, if the supply of tablets starts to get low, and reminds you to order a prescription, thus ensuring continual medication, the company said.

August Faller said in a statement: “The tiny microcontroller (storage medium-on-chip) of the innovative folding carton is supplied via a battery integrated in the packaging.  

“The flat structure of the electronics was a central requirement for easy integration in a pharmaceutical package. Faller solves this with a printed circuit board mounted on the back and an e-paper display integrated into the folding carton construction on the front.”

The intelligent pharmaceutical packaging Counting Device is one of three newly developed Smart Packaging prototypes developed by August Faller and its partners.

The other two the prototype include a “Level Indicator”, an intelligent packaging solution designed to calculate how much liquid remains in a bottle with fluid medication as well as the “Medical Prescription” which can count the tablets and reminds the patients to take them promptly.

Image: The August Faller’s Smart Packaging prototype, ‘Counting Device’. Photo: courtesy of AUGUST FALLER GmbH & Co.KG.