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Augmented Reality as part of Tyler’s design process

Augmented Reality as part of Tyler's design process

Press Release

Augmented Reality as part of Tyler’s design process

A specialist supplier of flexible packaging is set to implement augmented reality into its design processes, as the new technology enables customers to fully explore and envisage prospective product packaging.

Tyler Packaging, which supplies flexible packaging to a range of industries, including human food, pet food and garden products, is embracing augmented reality as part of continuous improvement when it comes to establishing and realising the needs and wants of its customers.

Augmented reality is a fast developing technology which supplements a physical, real-world environment with computer-generated sensory input. In the case of Tyler Packaging, the new technology will allow its customers to fully grasp how their finished product will look, as they’re presented with a virtual model that is displayed in a real-world setting. Customers can interact with the virtual prototype, scrutinising it from all angles via a specially designed app.

In addition to its initial visual offering, augmented reality will also allow customers to appreciate how different packaging materials and textures will affect the appearance and design format of their finished product, without the need to redevelop actual, physical samples.

Adam Kay, Sales and Technical Director at Tyler Packaging, commented: "We’re always looking to stay at the forefront of packaging innovation, whether that be in terms of new materials, new machines or new designs; we aim to be as pioneering as possible in our approach. Augmented reality has come on in leaps and bounds in the last few years, so we wanted to make sure that it was something that we kept pace with."

Tyler Packaging’s primary aim with the introduction of augmented reality is to add an exciting conceptual and proofing tool to its design repertoire, with the additional benefit of highlighting Tyler’s constant desire and endeavour to remain at the forefront of flexible packaging.

Adam continued, "Our approach to the conceptualisation of packaging is something we’re extremely proud of. It’s important to us that our customers are fully aware of the product that they can expect from us. We already offer full 3D visualisation of our prospective packaging designs, but augmented reality enables us to take the next step, projecting an interactive virtual model that they can picture on the shelf, without the need to use any imagination – augmented reality shows it how it is."

With patented technology such as SLIDE-RITE sliders, laser scribing, easy open, flat base pouches and numerous other high quality flexible packaging options available, such as laminated pouches, laminated bags and sacks, laminated BOPP/PP woven sacks, Tyler Packaging has continuously used successful innovation techniques to build an industry leading business.

3D imagery at the design stage of the packaging process, to assist client marketing departments in visualising designs and print layouts prior to printing, is one of many facilities offered by the company, with augmented reality now set to be the next step.