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Ardagh invests in Deeside metal facility

Ardagh Group, a producer of glass and metal products, has improved beverage can ends offering with investment in Deeside facility.

The company said it will now deliver two additional beverage ends, the 200 B64 and the 202 CDL, from its Deeside plant.

To support the production of new ends, the company has converted the final 202 B64 module to the sustainable 202 CDL end.

In 1988, Ardagh established Deeside facility to produce 206 diameter ring pull ends.

In 1994, the company converted the facility to 202 B64 aluminium ends to support the production of new can sizes.

In addition, Ardagh introduced the CDL in 2010 to expand the production of beverage ends.

Ardagh Metal Beverage CEO Oliver Graham said: “Our goal is to remain a leading supplier of inherently sustainable packaging by continuously pursuing superior solutions.

“This significant investment in Deeside strengthens Ardagh’s position in the market place and allows us greater flexibility in end sizes to support both existing and new customer requirements.”

Ardagh operates 55 metal packaging production facilities across Europe. With over 100 scientists, researchers and designers, the company has multiple research and development facilities across Europe.

Ardagh provides a range of beverage cans in different shapes and sizes to high volume segments of the drinks market, including beers, flavoured alcoholic beverages (FABs), wine, soft drinks, energy drinks and tea.

Its beverage cans are available in standard, sleek and slim ranges.

The company also offers a range of steel and aluminum cans in different shapes and sizes to high volume segments of the food market. It also offers Aluminium bottle packaging for all beverage types.

In addition, Ardagh provides steel and aluminium aerosol solution for personal care, household and pharmaceutical sectors.

With around 23,500 employees, the company operates 109 glass and metal manufacturing facilities in 22 countries.

Image: Ardagh has invested in Deeside plant to produce two additional beverage ends. Photo: courtesy of Ardagh Group.