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Aptar introduces Glide.

Aptar introduces Glide.

Innovation Release – September 2014

Aptar introduces Glide.

Glide is the new Aptar hoodless accessory technology using the popular glide motion.

Create a fun, interactive accessory that uses the MOST COMMON gesture of today – the sliding motion of digital technology like iPods and smartphones. This cool gesture will be used as a new locking feature for our new hoodless accessory platform. It engages consumers with fun, interactive movement and sensory cues.
Glide is designed for one-hand-dispensing: Due to the ergonomics of the hand, Glide can be un-locked with a sideward movement of the thumb and actuated with the index finger. The grooved surface of the generous finger pad enhances ease of use. Consumer tests prove that Glide is shown to be "extremely convenient".
It´s obvious at first glance whether Glide is locked or unlocked. Audible clicks and a covered orifice indicate when the actuator is
locked or ready to use. This unique feature provides additional assurance to consumers.

Glide is secure when the package is locked for safe storage and portability. The lockable system with non-removable pieces provides
value-added confidence for distribution and transportation before, during and after purchase. The two-color option also enhances brand
differentiation and Glide fits on the industry standard 1 inch mounting cup. Multiple spray insert options are available for Glide including AT (Anti-transpirant) version.
The eye-catching design and new dispensing experience of Glide can be used for Personal Care and Home
Care applications.

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