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Amine-free antistat for safer food packaging

New from DuPont is an amine-free antistat solution for BOPP (bi-axially oriented polypropylene) and PP (polypropylene) film said to help ensure safer chemistry for food packaging. Grindsted AR100 is a bio-based additive resulting from the recent acquisition of Danisco.

“DuPont has strength and depth in antistat solutions for polyolefins, and our new product is something that the market has been seeking for some time,” states Bjarne Nielsen, senior applications manager, DuPont Polymer Additives. “Antistats are an important additive in many different packaging applications serving a well-defined purpose: preventing the attraction of dust and other fine particles to the polymer surface that would otherwise render a packaged product unattractive. There is a widespread desire today to avoid traditional ethoxylated amine chemistry wherever possible as demands for unquestioned safe chemistry in food packaging grow steadily.”

Mick Potenza, Polymer Additives account manager, USA, adds: “Brand owners are striving to improve all aspects of product safety, and the fact that Grindsted AR100 can be used at any loading level to obtain the optimal, desired performance and that it is a 1:1 alternative makes it an obvious choice in PP packaging applications. We expect the product to be a leader in its field on both sides of the Atlantic.”

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