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Amcor orders 19-unit KBA Rapida

A sheetfed offset press which in its final configuration of 19 printing and finishing units “will be unique in the global marketplace” has been ordered for the Amcor Tobacco Packaging innovation centre in Rickenbach, Switzerland. To be installed at the end of August, the high-tech KBA Rapida 106 will be around 35m long with a first coater, two dryers, 10 printing units, a second coater, two more dryers, a third coater and two more units with inert UV curing technology. It will even include an inline coldfoil finishing capability.

Set to be the world’s longest B1 (41inch) press, the Rapida 106 at Amcor will enable a new job to be made ready while the current job is still running at maximum speed. According to KBA, the ultra-short set-up times achieved mean that even short runs entailing complex finishing can be printed efficiently inline.

Among the features that make this possible are disengageable inking units, DriveTronic SPC dedicated plate cylinder drives and, in the coater, DriveTronic SFC simultaneous forme change and Anilox-Loader automatic anilox roller change. Mounted on a 450mm plinth, the “record breaking” Rapida will also be equipped with a board-handling capability and a Vinfoil Infigo SF110-GF device for coldfoil.

The press will also feature automatic nonstop systems at the feeder and delivery, integration in an automated pile-logistics system, CleanTronic Synchro for simultaneous washing during changes of ink (conventional/UV) and VariDry IR, UV and thermal dryers. QualiTronic Professional inline colour control will inspect the sheets and tag faulty images.

“We are looking forward to installing this high-end industrial press line which gives us a major competitive edge in the market,” enthuses Jerzy Czubak, Amcor Tobacco Packaging’s COO and vice president of its European operation.

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