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Alternative to traditional plate film production

Following a successful launch in the US, Chemence has now introduced the Jetsetter inkjet system in Europe. It offers a chemical-free, environmentally friendly and low cost alternative to traditional film production, replacing an entire imagesetting workflow with an inkjet system designed for use in the production of flexo and photopolymer plates.

Contact Originators, the packaging origination and graphics management specialist who recently won the EFIA Repro Company of the Year award, has taken delivery of the first two Jetsetters in Europe. The company uses them with several digital flexo plate systems, analogue solid and liquid flexo plate production lines, to provide film negatives for high volume, large format production.

Chemence utilised Epson print engines and developed a registration system that ensures a very high level accuracy of the printed image, particularly in the feed direction of the printer. This is said to allow very large, multi-colour films to be pin-point registered from colour to colour.

Mathew Faulkner, business development manager for Jetsetter in EMEA, states: “There are many inkjet separation film products on the market but the Jetsetter is the only one that combines dedicated software with a matched ink and film combination together with clever registration capabilities, all specifically tailored for demanding photopolymer applications. The technology creates superior dot shapes and a very resilient printed image when compared with pigment inks.”

He stresses: “What differentiates Chemence from the competition is our ability to supply and support a complete package which significantly reduces risk of downtime in a manufacturing operation where maintaining productivity is essential”.

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