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Excellent stiffness and barrier properties in coextrusion or PE film blends are claimed for a new HDPE grade introduced by ExxonMobil. When blended with LLDPE or metallocene linear mLLDPE, the HDPE HTA108 grade is also said to improve processability. It has been designed for use as a blend partner in transparent coextruded film structures, conventional coextruded film structures or in monolayer film structures.

Global HDPE segment marketing manager David Trout says: “The increasing trend towards downgauging in an effort to reduce costs creates a need for raw materials with higher stiffness. The combined performance properties of ExxonMobil HDPE HTA108 make it an ideal solution to compensate for the loss of stiffness created by downgauging. And, the density of the new grade is such that only limited amounts are required.”

He says the best downgauging opportunities for conventional PE films are obtained when HDPE HTA108 is combined with Exceed mLLDPE. It maintains the stiffness of the thinner film, while Exceed’s “outstanding mechanical and optical properties” retain the desired film strength and clarity. Such film structures can contribute to significant downgauging opportunities in applications such as heavy duty sacks, freezer films and lamination films.



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