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Agro International to use Mondi’s Advantage MF SpringPack Plus craft paper

Agro International has selected Mondi's Advantage MF SpringPack Plus craft paper for its packaging needs.

Mondi, the international packaging and paper Group, and the German innersprings manufacturer AGRO International have been business partners in the mattress spring packaging segment for more than 25 years. Back then, AGRO International faced the challenge of packing its mattress innersprings economically and in a way that would make handling and logistics easier.

“Before the industry has been revolutionised by roll-packaging, the innersprings were packed one-by-one and loosely transported to the customer. This consumed a lot of resources, time and space. The industry was looking for new ways to resolve this problem – which was the roll-packaging,” recalls Uwe Schmidt, Managing Director AGRO International.

The roll-packaging method marked a milestone in packaging and transport of mattress innersprings. By compressing and rolling up the product, logistics and costs could be optimised. At the beginning of the roll-packaging era, companies used either crepe paper or plasticfilm to wrap the innersprings. “To be honest, we were not very convinced of those materials as the paper had to be of a very high grammage to withstand the pressure and the plasticfilm was, to us, not the most sustainable alternative to pack”, explains Schmidt. “The answer to our needs came from Mondi Dynäs mill and was named Advantage MF SpringPack Plus. The paper grade shows an impressive performance, is 100% recyclable and a renewable material.” 

More efficient packaging, handling and storage options – no compromises on safety

Advantage MF SpringPack Plus is an extremely strong, natural brown premium speciality kraft paper designed especially for roll-packing and compressing goods. It has the unique ability to withstand the force exerted by up to 15 compressed and wrapped spring mattresses. Outlining the benefits of Advantage MF SpringPack Plus from the customer’s perspective, AGRO International Managing Director Uwe Schmidt says: “We have been using Mondi’s speciality kraft paper for more than 25 years now and value its logistics, safety and cost-saving benefits. Roll-packaging with Advantage MF SpringPack Plus is a solution that allows efficient handling, including unwrapping, without any safety compromises. Thanks to increased packaging speed – which is mainly attributable to the paper’s quality and high performance – it has also enabled us to optimise output. Mondi managed to develop its paper grade over the years and in my opinion, it supports the roll-packing technology best.”

Partnering up with customers – sharing knowledge and spirit  

Sharing expertise and an innovative spirit Mondi and AGRO International succeeded to optimise their joint and unique way to pack mattress innersprings over the past 25 years of partnership to meet end-customers` needs best. “We are very proud to be a supplier and partner of AGRO International, whose great family company history spans almost 60 years.

We have continuously improved our paper grade for roll-packing in recent years to support AGRO International in its effort to provide high-quality products for its customers,” comments Paulus Goess, head of sales Speciality Kraft Paper, Mondi Europe & International.

“Our technical sales service continues to support AGRO International in order to increase output, improve paper runnability on its converting machines, and discover new ways of reducing material and logistical costs. Our customers work in fast moving market environments, and it is essential that we respond to their needs and help them to overcome challenges,” adds Carsten Breiter, Mondi key account manager Advantage MF SpringPack Plus.