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Agilyx, Fred Meyer, B-Line join to recycle polystyrene waste

Agilyx, B-Line, and Fred Meyer announce a pilot program to recycle polystyrene foam from 7 of the Fred Meyer stores in the metropolitan Portland area.

B-Line will use their fleet of tricycles to collect polystyrene from 2 of the downtown stores, thereby reducing congestion and greenhouse gas emissions. All the polystyrene will be delivered to Agilyx where it will be recycled in a fully circular solution back into styrene oil.

The agreement is an innovative collaboration in which a major store chain works with a “final mile” logistics company to deliver waste polystyrene for recycling.

“This is an exciting opportunity to help increase recycling and decrease waste,” said Joe Grieshaber, President of Fred Meyer Stores. "We know that we need to make some bold strategic moves in order to achieve our Zero Hunger / Zero Waste goals, and we are committed to trying new programs that engage the community in the process. We are thankful to have partners like Agilyx and B-Line to work together toward a more sustainable future.”

B-Line CEO Franklin Jones added, “B-Line is excited about the opportunity to streamline the recycling efforts of Fred Meyer. We really see this as win-win for all!”

“These are exactly the type of working relationships we need to forge to realize the benefits of a truly circular loop for plastics recycling,” said Brian Moe, Vice President Operations Agilyx. “We are honored to be working with Fred Meyer and B-Line.”

Agilyx is an environmental technology and development company located in Tigard, Oregon that extracts value from difficult-to-recycle mixed waste plastic streams.

The Company has developed the first full-circle system capable of recycling post-consumer polystyrene (packaging materials, foam cups, etc.) into styrene monomer, which is then used to make new polystyrene (“PS”) equal in quality and composition to the original product. The company has also commercialized a technology that converts mixed plastics to high quality VGO crude.

Fred Meyer Stores, based in Portland, Ore., offers one-stop shopping at its 133 multi-department stores in four western states. More than 40,000 Fred Meyer associates help customers fill their food, apparel, and general merchandise needs in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

Founded in 2009, B-Line’s vision is to redefine how goods and services are transported in our increasingly urban environment by simply providing the right tool for the job. We seek to enrich the fabric of our cities by reducing congestion and CO2 emissions, developing local green-collar jobs, partnering with local manufacturers and small businesses, doing our share to help those in need in our community, and generally believing in the premise that business can be a catalyst for positive change and has a responsibility to the common good.