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Advantis to triple California Amster-Can revenue by end of second quarter

Advantis is currently working with new and existing partners to more than triple the total California Amster-Can canning production.

Two existing partners just secured space in over 200,000 square feet of fully licensed multi-use cultivation, processing, and manufacturing facilities in 2 separate Southern California locations.

Advantis is working on supplying Amster-Can canning equipment to all proprietors in both facilities. In another new development, Advantis is further expanding their reach in Northern California, which will necessitate several new canning machines be put into operation. 

Advantis CEO Darren Cherry, unexpectedly revealed several new deals today that will necessitate the company adding several new canning machines to significantly increase production.

“I expect our partners’ operations will be up and running very quickly, as they are among our most experienced and seasoned professionals we work with,” Cherry stated. “I am so excited to see these two partners expand in California. I hope our strong and burgeoning relationships allow us to continue growing together.”

“Last week, Cherry said the company was nearing capacity for their largest, most efficient machine at their home base in Newport Beach. Cherry related that the demand this immediate expansion will produce requires at least 2 new machines canning around the clock, with several more needed as their relationships expand in Northern California. I think the strength of our relationships will allow us to expand our service to the tenants of the entire cultivation, processing, and manufacturing campuses.” 

Advantis is in a new stage of rapid expansion, and we are executing on our scalable growth strategy very effectively,” Cherry explained.

“We are partnering with some of the largest cultivation facilities around the state, so it makes sense to have canning equipment and personnel placed at the production facilities. Whether we use the standard size equipment or the larger one like what we have at our home base, depends on the amount of product that needs canning. N2 Pack has already developed several new larger canning machines, and they will be ready for us when our clients need them.”

Advantis focuses on the development of innovative products that supply the medical, research, and pharmaceutical industries.

 The company additionally establishes partnerships with businesses that develop and sell proprietary pain management, and consumer products and services.