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Advantis to install Amstercan canning machine

Advantis is scheduled to receive the custom made canning machine that N2Pack manufactured for them by the end of this month.

The company is working to allow for the Amstercan packaging solution to set up mobile canning services with their existing canning machine.

In March, Advantis collaborated with N2Pack to build a canning machine that would increase production and cut down on man hours.

"This automated canning machine is said to increase productivity by over 300% per work day, at almost half the cost," Swartz said. "I am so excited to finally put this machine to work, and thrilled for what it means to our bottom line."

Original expectations for delivery were in May, however additional development was required to manufacture the ideal canning machine that promises to increase the speed of canning, and provides adjustable sizing options. Swartz related that the custom-made machine will go into immediate production to fill existing order requests.

"While we will finally be able to keep up with the growing demand and triple Amstercan revenue, we are working with N2Pack to put a mobile service into action and develop additional canning capacity," Swartz explained.

There have been several potential clients that shared their reservations about transportation and security issues related to the canning process. If we can repurpose our existing machine for mobile use, we hope to resolve these concerns and add to our margin as a result of the escalated service level." Swartz says they are working with N2Pack to consider allowing Advantis to augment the canning machine so it can be used to package Amstercans at the clients' location of choice. "Internally, we've designed a great solution that would have the packaging and labeling process contained within the vehicle. It's a mobile canning facility."

Swartz says that Amstercan canning production has been at capacity for several months and the growing client base has been eagerly awaiting delivery of the new machine.

"We are aware that our products get sold out quickly and it has been difficult to consistently keep our products on the shelves. This is a good growing pain to have, but not one you want for long when establishing your brand." Swartz shared that demand for the Amstercan branding and packaging solution has quickly become a must-have among premium cannabis proprietors.

"We have several order requests that we will be immediately filling when we get the new machine. If N2Pack agrees, we also have several new clients ready to use a mobile service. We are positioned well to keep up with Amstercan demand this year."

Advantis Corporation (ADVT) focuses on the development of innovative products that supply the medical, research, and pharmaceutical industries. The company additionally establishes partnerships with businesses that develop and sell proprietary pain management, and consumer products and services.