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Advantis to expand market reach for Amstercan packaging machine

Advantis has revealed that is in talks with two cultivators in the US states of Nevada and Maryland to expand its marketing reach for Amstercan packaging machine.

N2pack, which is building the machine, is due to deliver it to Advantis within the next six to eight weeks.

Advantis CEO Christopher Swartz claimed that the company is expanding to states which it is yet to touch while adding that the demand for Amstercan is constantly outstripping supply.

Swartz said that although it is a good problem to have, the company is working towards getting the new packaging machine to meet the demand.

Swartz said earlier this year that the company is packaging up to 8 cans per minute and the new N2Pack equipment will enable it to more than triple the rate of production.

N2 Pack, the supplier of the Amstercan canning machines and packaging solutions, is building a machine specifically designed to meet the increasing client demand of Advantis.

The new machine is likely to have three times more production capacity than the current machine of Advantis. Besides, it will have the option of sealing cans that are larger in size.

While calling Las Vegas and Baltimore to be two huge marketplaces likely to help accelerate the company’s national expansion, Swartz said: "My further goal, as Amstercan expands into other national marketplaces, is that we establish the proprietary and non-proprietary product pipeline that we are doing such a great job of creating here in California.”

Swartz also said that Advantis is mulling options as to when canning capacity is maximized again. The company CEO said that it needs to sustain with demand as it continues to skyrocket, and that as of now Advantis is exploring various cost-effective solutions.