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Advantis setting up Amster-Can canning solutions in two US states

Advantis is finalizing agreements with its clients in the US states of Oregon and Nevada to package their goods in with Amster-Can.

Advantis CEO, Christipher Swartz, was excited to share the news of what he has been working on for the past several months. "Canning cannabis is the gold standard of packaging, branding, and preservation," Swartz said.

"Advantis set up partnerships in Oregon and Washington last year and have been working on developing partnerships that make sense before we establish operations in these areas.

"To that end, we finally found the right partners in Oregon and made a new client in Nevada; we expect to set up full-scale canning operations in both states, and will have the pending orders to support our expansion." Swartz added that the agreements are not finalized yet, but things will move quickly when they are.

Swartz says that their success in California is what is fueling the company's expansion. "Over the next sixteen months canning will become a necessity here in California. With the new regulations requiring specific package requirements and child proofing, we are poised to be the go-to place for all canning needs." Advantis has an agreement with N2Pack to provide packaging solutions using their patented technology; Advantis branded its canning service as Amster-Can.

"N2pack has been a solid partner and has solidified that partnership by building a more efficient canning machine for Advantis to keep up with demand. "We are actively expanding our reach and establishing our brand in key markets that will sustain our business plan for the foreseeable future," Swartz concluded. "Amster-Can is quickly becoming a household name."