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Actega to present new packaging solutions at Interpack event

German firm Actega said it exhibit new packaging solutions at the upcoming Interpack 2017 to be held in Düsseldorf.

The company plans to showcase its under products under the banner, Arena for Packaging Solutions.

It plans to introduce five core themes this year including laminating adhesives, water-based protective coatings, heat-seal systems for peel-off ends, printing inks for portion packs and direct food contact and second-generation adhesives for closures.

The company's coloured laminating adhesives are claimed to combine enhanced appearance with functional performance.

The combination is expected to conserve printing inks and can remove one work step during packaging manufacture. 

Actega will showcase water-based retort-resistant protective coatings, which are useful for outer side of pet-food lids. These are available as clear-coat, enhancing aluminum’s gloss or coloured surfaces. These coatings have heat-resistance of up to 300° C.

The company will also unveil heat-seal systems for peel-off ends under the brand ACTEseal HM-073-M, ACTEseal HS-800-F8 and ACTEcoat  SL-400-1. Each of these is useful in sealing. ACTEseal HM-073-M is used for sealing aluminum lids for dry fillings, against uncoated tinplate. ACTEseal HS-800-F8 is useful for coated tinplate.

Under a new colour series, Actega will introduce new pigmented product solutions. The new colour series has been made from FDA-listed raw materials which are suitable for direct food contact.

The colours can be processed on conventional printing lines (flexographic printing presses). The printing inks are suitable for portion packs.

Actega will also introduce environmentally friendlier adhesion lacquers (TPE lacquers) for closures. These are second generation TPE coatings from ACTEGA are BPA-NI, PVC, and melamine-free. They have a two-layer coating system with pigmented size coat ACTEbond TPE-515-MF and the adhesive top coat ACTEbond TPE-650-MF.

ACTEbond TPE-515-MF is claimed to be offering chemical resistance to several types of fillings and is suited for filling products containing acids or sulfur. ACTEbond TPE-650-MF also has several applications in combination with compound adhesion and can be processed on to several types of compound-lining machines.