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A shock-free sleeving solution

With the growing trend toward exporting wines worldwide, a series of collectible bottles for Thorin’s 2006 Beaujolais Village Nouveau are the first containers to incorporate a new Sleever International bottle sleeving system designed to be both eye-catching and sufficiently robust to cope with anything from shocks, scratches and rubbing in transit to extreme climactic changes.

Sleever says the Glassleeve system “guarantees the inalterability of the decoration despite a wide variety of external aggressions”. It utilises a specially designed thermoplastic mono-oriented elastomer TPE-S 40 and 50µm film developed to “resist the significant mechanical constraints undergone by decoration throughout the supply chain” combined with helio-engraving based on “new generation”, low energy solvent-free inks. Sleever says it “represents a perfect alternative” to traditional surface techniques (including lacquering, satin effects, opalisation and dyeing), all in a single operation.

The automated process is carried out on the latest Sleever Powersleeve Evolution machines, which can sleeve up to 24,000 bottles/hour “at optimum quality”. Glassleeve is available on both heat-shrink (Powersteam) and infrared (Powerskinner) versions.

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The Glassleeve bottle sleeving system, here used on a Thorin’s Beaujolais Nouveau bottle, is designed to be both impactful and robust