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A safer way to manual diecutting

Large format commercial printer SMP Group, in London, has installed the UK’s first Diecut Goldline. Just over 18 months ago, SMP installed a large format Redline diecutter from Diecut UK and, based on its performance, the company chose to be the first to embrace this new technology in the manual diecutting field.

For the last 90 years, the traditional hand-fed platen/clamshell has been the only option in manual diecutting. Over the years, the size of these machines has grown to meet demands for ever larger point of sales products and packaging. This brought with it, its own set of unique risks because job changeovers on this old technology require whole body access from the operator into what are effectively the jaws of the machine. Unfortunately, over the past few years there have been a series of fatal accidents.

This drove Diecut UK to devote two years to developing an innovative machine before securing SMP’s support and order. Firstly, the new machine is designed around safety; the operator cannot gain whole body access. Secondly, it cuts with much more tonnage than a traditional hand-fed platen and the third reason – states the manufacturer – is that it is the same cost as a traditional hand-fed platen.

It is also claimed that the Diecut Goldline “can cut every type of substrate in the marketplace today”.

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