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Rexam Dispensing Systems has launched an airless lotion dispenser, “unlike anything else on the market”, designed to put an end to dried deposits of cream near the closure after use and eliminate clogging at the “exit tip”.

The Prodigio’s “outstanding performance” is reportedly the result of its incorporation of new CleanPoint technology. This sees the closure activated by an “obturator”, which slides closed behind the dispensing aperture after product has been dispensed. The patent-protected airless pump mechanism is also fitted with wider internal channels for “optimal fluidity”, allowing “regular, smooth and easy product use without messy splashes or clogging”.

Rexam adds: “Because there is no contact between lotion and any metal part or elastomer, Prodigio ensures high neutrality and thus promotes greater compatibility. The airtight CleanPoint closure makes it impossible for any product that might have been in contact with air, light or skin to flow back into the dispenser.”

The Prodigio is manufactured at Rexam Dispensing Systems’ specialist airless dispenser factory in Tournus, France.

Contact details

Rexam Dispensing Systems
T: +33 1 41 38 98 00

Rexam says the Prodigio is “the ultimate smarter-than-smart product for dispensing more fragile and more viscous modern creams”.