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915 Labs launches new food processing and packaging system

Food processing technology provider 915 Labs has launched a new food processing system that increases the shelf life of food items without adding preservatives.

Named as the microwave assisted thermal sterilization (MATS), the new system from 915 Labs is claimed to provide a safe yet gentler way for the processing and packaging of food.

MATS by decreasing the food item’s exposure to high heat, ensures that the natural nutrients and flavors in it are retained as it is. Thereby, MATS technology removes the necessity to add any artificial additives, excess sodium and preservatives that are otherwise needed to keep the packaged food fresh.

The first MATS-processed foods are slated to be launched next month in Asia. 

According to 915 Labs, an unnamed consumer product goods (CPG) firm intends to launch MATS-made food products on retail shelves in the US later this year.

915 Labs CEO Michael Locatis said: "MATS minimal processing provides the nutritious, great-tasting and clean-label foods that consumers want today.

"It's also the solution for food companies and retailers that desperately need high quality foods that can be shipped ambient (at room temperature)."

915 Labs has commenced to build MATS-30 commercial production systems that would be capable of processing up to 10 million units each year. The units manufactured will include food service packaging formats, single-serve trays and pouches.

Using MATS, pathogens and spoilage microorganisms are killed within minutes when packaged foods are immersed in pressurized hot water and simultaneously heated with targeted microwave energy at a frequency of 915MHz. This novel process, 915 Labs says will enable various foods to be packaged for the shelf which are otherwise cannot be processed conventionally.