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5 SEPT ETIQUETTE enhances productivity with AVT Helios systems

French print house 5 SEPT ETIQUETTE has achieved total label printing accuracy with AVT Print inspection systems.

The company reduced costs, increased  productivity and minimized waste post its investment in AVT Helios systems, which are designed exclusively for labels and narrow web printing.

The French firm invested in five AVT print inspection systems to for its presses and finishing solutions.

5 SEPT ETIQUETTE had initially installed two Helios II vision systems in its offset presses and flexographic presses to control print quality.Another two were added to the company’s flexographic presses to increase productivity.

All the presses were linked with the centralized database for reference control and 5 SEPT ETIQUETTE managed 80% of its production.

The print house  achieved 100% automation in its total production in 2016 with the ability to foresee and control all production elements.

5 SEPT ETIQUETTE CEO Patrick Wack said: “An error in the food label ingredients, or regarding the allergens or batch reference, could have major repercussions for our customers. Having to correct errors meant we were producing more labels than the customer ordered, and this waste was impacting profits.”

The AVT Helios Print Inspection System provides 100% quality assurance for labels and narrow web printing by inspecting applications, substrate and print type.

“Also, the AVT system could integrate with our existing IT system, which corresponded with our vision for a workflow where everything is computerized and connected.”, added Wack.

The print house 5 SEPT ETIQUETTE, founded in 1969, has its headquarters in Courthézon. It produces rolls of adhesive labels for the food, cosmetics, wine, chemical, paint, household, tooling and fertilizer sectors.

The firm, which has a turnover of €10.6m, prints over billion labels and handles six million square meters of adhesive substrate a year.