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3C! Packaging Introduces Production Capabilities for Industry-leading 294-panel Outserts

3C! Packaging Introduces Production Capabilities for Industry-leading 294-panel Outserts

Jan 2015

3C! Packaging Introduces Production Capabilities for Industry-leading 294-panel Outserts

Outserts Utilize Triple Knife System to Boost Available Space on Pharmaceutical Inserts/Outserts in Alignment with New FDA Mandates.

3C! Packaging, an independent privately-owned pharmaceutical packaging solutions company specializing in the design and manufacture of custom folding cartons, printed literature, inserts/outserts, labels/foils and unit dose applications, will begin producing 294-panel outserts that provide a significant increase in copy space for necessary product information and instructions.

The spacious outserts are made possible through the company’s new state-of-the-art Vijuk MV-11 Triple Knife Outsert System, which folds outserts as small as 1-1/8" x 1-1/8" with up to 294 panels – nearly 10% more than previous models. The result is a significantly more compact printed component that increases production speeds and shortens turnaround time while decreasing manufacturing costs.

The 294-panel outserts are, on average, 20% thinner than traditional outserts, leading to a sleeker product appearance and customer savings on production, storage and shipping costs. These thinner outserts are easier to handle both manually and mechanically, and easily fit into existing packaging solutions.

"This represents the end of the need for bulky, cumbersome packaging," said Paul Jagielski, Sales Manager for 3C! Packaging. "With the triple knife technology of the 294-panel outsert, 3C! adds another innovative product that our pharmaceutical customers will appreciate. Having earlier this year introduced enhanced foil lidding for blisters and sachets, the expanded outsert is another fine contribution to our portfolio."

3C! Packaging manufactures a broad range of primary and secondary printed packaging components, primarily for (but not exclusively to) pharmaceutical industry customers. Over time, the company has steadily expanded its range of services and capabilities as it has bulked up its roster of packaging equipment with new presses, feeders, folders and insert placing machines. This year, the company marked its 35th anniversary by announcing a new Midwest region Design Center in Evansville, Indiana, which also will commence manufacturing capabilities in the near future.

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