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Formed in 1979, Jarshire is a single-point source for machinery...

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New Svecom electronic shaft extractor from Jarshire

In today’s demanding workplace, health and safety issues concerning reel handling and, in particular, the weight of the shaft, are constantly being addressed by Svecom PE, a company renowned for the design and manufacture of handling systems for any diameter, length and weight of air shaft.

Developed from Svecom’s Model 501/BA, the company’s latest electronic shaft extracting trolley is designed for the extraction and handling of expanding shafts and chucks from a reel of wound material, such as paper of various base weights, and for the re-insertion of the same in paper core or cores which have been suitably prepared by the operator.

Electrically powered via a high-capacity battery, the new extractor comprises a base frame mounted on wheels, an electro-hydraulic pump and a piston that drives a vertical carriage which, in turn, supports a hydraulically-powered vice in which the shaft is clamped.

Jarshire has already supplied a number of these extractors to a Tissue Mill and a Paper Mill, to handle expanding core plugs and a winder rewind shaft.

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October 2017

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