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AZO CONTROLS – ManDos: an operator-guided manual weighing system

ManDos is known as a tried and tested system solution for exact weighing of colours, additives and other micro quantities. An operator-guided manual weighing process that can be adapted to specific requirements – accurate to the gram and true to the recipe. Flexible in application, it guarantees high product safety and reliability by ensuring reproducibility with the option of end-to-end documentation for every batch.

Frequently it is not worth automating all the components which are needed in the paints and coatings industry. This is especially true in the case of small batches or low throughput, frequent changeover of products, or poor suitability of raw materials for automation. This is where the ManDos manual weighing system offers all the functionalities required for operator-guided manual weighing. The key functions are operator guidance during weighing, checking of the raw materials used with the aid of barcodes and saving of weighing results, in addition to labelling after completion of the weighing process.

Batch tracing

Our solutions for documenting production and hence for batch tracing guarantee transparency, safety and reliability. In addition, barcode identification of the raw materials allows for a validity check during the production process.
The raw materials and intermediate products are identified using barcodes or RFID throughout the entire production process and are tracked through the plant. All weighing operations are recorded and associated with the end product in the data system. In the event of a problem with the quality of a raw material, our process control systems can provide a full list of the stages in production, meaning that every raw material can be tracked from incoming goods through to the end product.

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