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OPTIMA at Pack Expo, Chicago – Next Level Service and Leading-Edge Packaging Technology

The central constituent part of ‘TCAM’ (total care asset management) is TCAP (total care asset package), the condition monitoring system of optima. The state of the machine is monitored constantly by means of electronics and sensors. A warning is given automatically even before errors occur. It is possible to almost completely eliminate unplanned downtime of the machine. This of course means an increase in line efficiency. The amount of time required for service is minimised through the very good ability to plan ahead.

TCAM can be upgraded with TCAT (total care asset tool) a centralised, digital information tool. The finding of information is enormously simplified and accelerated by means of the camera and scan functions of a tablet PC. Significantly more information is available to be called up. Interactive links between the electrical, mechanical and pneumatic systems information are integrated. In addition, direct linking to SAP or other ERP systems means that the inventory stocks of spare parts can be retrieved and orders can be initiated directly.

Optima consumer is displaying the new high-performance OPTIMA CBF cartoner. This bridges the gap between primary and secondary packaging for perfect line integration. The products fed to the machine are aligned and placed within the cartoner. The flexible structure also makes a most convincing impression. Product grouping devices or a second erecting module can be integrated. The cartoner has a magazine for pre-cut blanks which is replaced as a unit when the format is changed. The especially gentle handling process in which finished cartons are transported in pucks, the large format range, the good ergonomics and the hygienic properties are further advantages.

Optima Consumer will provide information on packaging solutions for food, cosmetics and chemicals. The packaging lines of the company process various products: liquids with high and low viscosities, powders and granules, portioned packages or large containers – everything from coffee capsules to mascara sticks to oil canisters. The packaging lines of Optima Nonwovens being presented contain technologies for the packaging of paper hygiene articles at the highest level. Automated complete lines can be set up in combination with monitoring and secondary packing functions and palletising lines.

Optima at Pack Expo, Chicago: North Upper Hall, Booth 6121