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Avery Dennison - Innovative Pharmaceutical Label Materials for Identification, Security and More

Innovative Pharmaceutical Label Materials for Identification, Security and More

New Pharmaceutical Products, Improved Performance

The pharmaceutical industry demands stringent performance levels and dedicated products. Avery Dennison announces two new pharmaceutical adhesives, with low migration properties and excellent mandrel performance: Fasson® S692NP and S2000NP.

Every adhesive has a purpose. Because we develop and produce our own adhesives, not only can we customise solutions to meet customer demand, we are also able to better control quality throughout the development, production process and supply chain.

The Fasson® Pharmaceutical range is designed to meet the requirements of this industry, including innovative and application-specific adhesives. The Fasson range now presents two new adhesives: Fasson® S692NP and Fasson® S2000NP.

Since their introduction last year, industry interest in these two adhesives has grown, specifically for dedicated pharmaceutical applications where reliability and performance are key.

Fasson® S692NP adhesive, developed for dedicated pharmaceutical applications, offers low migration levels, specifically on applications including fluids in plastic bottles.

Fasson® S2000NP adhesive offers high mandrel performance and reliable adhesion in dedicated pharmaceutical applications. This new adhesive also offers excellent performance on tack and peel, and is suitable for sterilisation by auto-claving, ethylene oxid or Gamma radiation.

For your general pharmaceutical applications, Fasson® S692NP adhesive and Fasson®S2000NP adhesive both offer long term availability without change of adhesive components, backed by a global supply chain. All Fasson® Pharmaceutical products offer a competitive price/performance ratio and the quality service backing that you expect from a market leader.

To find out more about Fasson® S692NP adhesive and Fasson® S2000NP adhesive, click here.

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