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More Second Hand Palletisers Now Available Due to Leasing Options

The market for automatic palletising started at the beginning of the 1980’s, so it is still a very young market. Typically, most of the equipment would remain in one plant and would only be moved once the production line became obsolete or maintenance costs became too high. In recent years, we have seen some significant changes. Products and volumes have changed resulting in production lines needing to do so too. Therefore, equipment and the way to pay for it needs to become more flexible.

In 2006 CSi introduced and expanded the leasing and rental of palletising equipment. This equipment is now being replaced by newer technologies, enabling higher volumes and different products. The robust design and high quality components of the earlier equipment mean this can be recycled for use in other factories. That is why CSi is now offering end-of-lease palletisers. As these items have already been in use for at least five years, the investment level or lease price is extremely low. So low that it is impossible to hire a person to do the same work for the same amount of money!

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