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Adding Value with BERHALTER Die – Cutting

Die-Cutting with Laser Technology
The BERHALTER PRElaserTM laser technology can be used for various areas of application. One of the target markets is the so-called multipack yoghurt lids, which can now be pre-perforated using the BERHALTER PRElaserTM so that the yoghurt pots can be individually snapped off and separated without the lid being unintentionally removed.

Over the last few years, BERHALTER has reacted continuously and highly flexibly to increased market demands, and has introduced a number of innovations to the market. BERHALTER’s inspection systems represent a milestone in die-cutting technology, making it possible to inspect the print and material quality directly "inline" on a BERHALTER die-cutting machine. Defective material thereby is passed through the tool area without being punched – delivering 100% controlled products.

We will continue to improve efficiency and to focus consistently on the success markets of our customers.

BERHALTER – the number one in die-cutting.